Career is a decision with which we have to live everyday till we professionally retire. Right choice of career can bring success, happiness and mental peace. It is important to acknowledge our dreams and follow our passion and to know what we can do best and what are our skill sets however it is also important to identify the areas where we need more training and the areas which are unfit for us. This is one of the most important decisions of our life and a right decision at the right time taken under professional guidance will result in a successful career. 

Making this decision could be stressful for an individual as well as for the family. Here, the complete career guidance is offered not only to the child but to the parents because we know that career is a family decision. 

Career Exploration is a step by step process which discovers the true potential and skill of an individual. The career guidance can be taken at any stage – graduate, undergraduate, during job, wishing to switch job etc. however for teenage it is advisable to start taking the Career guidance during Grade 8. It involves: 

Career Assessment

A battery of Psychometric Assessment tools are used to identify the Personality Traits, Interest, Intelligence and Aptitude of an individual. The tests are administered to generate a complete profile with strengths, weaknesses, interest and skill set of an individual. Psychometric Tests which are done:

INTEREST- The feeling of wanting to know or learn about something or someone.
·      PERSONALITY - The combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character.
·        APTITUDE- A natural ability to do something

Career Guidance

On the basis of the profile generated through the career assessment; career guidance is provided to an individual. This helps the individual to take up a career that is well matched with their aptitude, personality, qualification, academic achievements, interest, skills, behavior etc. The career profile is a detailed report which includes:

·        Information like aptitude, personality traits etc.
·        The best career options and courses for an individual
·        Information on colleges and institutes offering those courses
·        Admission process
·        Areas of improvement